Blockchain Enterprises 4: Brewhaus

On this episode, we chat with Brewhaus and talk about how he has built a reputation as one of the top spec miners in crypto space by using a very UNIQUE way to earn to crypto with basic computer equipment.

He started off as a novice, but immersed himself in books, videos, and forums and quickly learned how to navigate the mining landscape.  He also applies some of his skillsets to provide marketing strategies to different blockchain projects.

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About Blockchain Enterprises

The aim of this podcast is to show you how anyone can start a business, find their dream job or develop a revenue stream in this emerging industry. Most, if not all of our guests, started with an idea, a few hundred dollars or less, and a twitter account. 

All of you reading this likely got into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at different times over the last 10 years, and as more people enter the space, the more opportunities there are to fill the niches in this growing sector. 

You will see blockchain-based businesses develop in front of your eyes without even realising how much growth is occurring in the background. Some of the businesses built in this industry such as BitMex and Nicehash have multi-billion dollar revenues and they are less than 10 years old. The levels of growth are unprecedented and one of the key reasons why you should consider building a start-up within the next few years.

As these businesses grow larger and larger, there are a host of employment opportunities available both in established companies but in new and exciting startups. Remote working and the merging of skills across the globe is one of the key driving factors in the growth of the blockchain industry. Employees in this industry can often pick and choose their roles, with salaries often paying lucrative premiums compared to other sectors.

The majority of people joined this space to take control of their financial freedom and have grown tired of speculating on volatile assets to achieve these goals.

We are here to show you that there are other ways of making money in this industry aside from trading or gambling.