Hashr8 Episode 84: The Bitcoin Mining Death Spiral Myth w/ Christopher Bendiksen

Christopher Bendiksen joins us as we go deep on Bitcoin Mining’s Death Spiral…you know, that scary event which results in the epic crash of bitcoin’s network and squashes our hopes and dreams of self-sovereignty and wealth!  But, is it real?  Could enough miners capitulate and stop the processing of Bitcoin’s blocks?  Was this narrative simply created to whip us into a FUD-frenzy?  

Listen in as Christopher and Broski talk about the facts of the mining death spiral and if it’s a real event worth considering.

Christopher Bendiksen is Head of Research for CoinShares, Europe’s largest Digital Asset Manager.  He publishes some of the best and most respected articles on bitcoin and bitcoin mining.  

You can read Christopher’s latest article and learn more about CoinShares here: https://coinsharesgroup.com/insights/why-bitcoin-miners-will-keep-mining

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