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Instant verification
Can users register instantly for trading?
Integrated wallet
Can users hold coins on your platform?
Corporate accounts
Can users register a corporate/business account?
Sign up Bonus
Do you operate a sign up bonus?
Affiliate programme
Do you operate an affiliate programme?
Two factor authentication
Is there 2FA on your platform?
Two factor options
Please state which 2FA options are available
Cold storage
Do you hold user funds in cold storage?
Mobile application
Is there a dedicated mobile app for your platform?
Mobile platform two factor authentication
Please state which OS are available.
Demo platform
Is there a demo platform for users?
Multi-Sig wallet
Do users have the option of multi-sig on your platform?
Volumes verified
Are your trading volumes verified by an independent website, eg, CryptoCompare, Nomics?

FIAT deposit
Can users deposit Fiat onto your exchange, if so which are allowed?
Credit cards
Can users deposit via Credit Card if so which ones?
Withdrawal times
How often are withdrawals processed for users?

KYC mandatory
Is KYC Mandatory to trade, deposit or withdraw on the exchange?
Type of exchange
Is your exchange a Fiat, Derivatives, Altcoin or Decentralised Exchange?
US allowed
Are US Traders allowed to trade on your exchange?

Multilingual website
Is the website/exchange multilingual?
Multilingual support
Do you offer multilingual support?
Support options
What support options do you offer?
24/7 support
Do you offer 24/7 user support?